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Cooperation between school and enterprise Strive for the first place

Datetime: 2021-04-19    Visit: 1961

      On the afternoon of March 11, Director Mao Caisheng of Ningbo municipal bureau of education and his party visited Guangbo for guidance. Wang Junping, general manager of Guangbo Group, and Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee, were present.

      Mao Caisheng first visited the digital production workshop of Guangxin nano company of Guangbo group to learn more about the production process and application fields, and highly praised the company's realization of unmanned production mode. After that, the guests and their party visited the sample center of the headquarters and appreciated Guangbo's active development of cultural and creative student supplies and its continuous stimulation of students' interest in learning.

      In the subsequent session, the two sides made pragmatic exchanges on how to strengthen school enterprise cooperation, deepen the integration of production and education, jointly cultivate talents, product development and application, hoping to become an excellent model of school enterprise cooperation in the city as soon as possible through further competition.