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Home > News Tighten the strings and ensure safety! Guard the safety checkpoint at the end of the year.

Datetime: 2021-04-19    Visit: 1508

In order to implement the deployment requirements of the Party committee of Guangbo Group on safety production work, on February 1st, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Group company, personally led a team consisting of various departments to conduct a "carpet style" inspection of hidden dangers in the park, carefully carried out safety supervision, and coordinated the production safety prevention work at the end of the year.

The inspection team went deep into the key areas and locations of each branch factory, carried out large-scale inspections, effectively prevented and curbed the occurrence of safety production accidents, and inspected the safety production conditions, fire protection facilities, and other conditions through on-site inquiries, information retrieval, and other methods. For the weak points and risks found during the inspection, they put forward rectification suggestions on the spot and ordered rectification within a specified period of time. Effectively take preventive measures and ensure that every Guangbo employee can enjoy a safe and happy auspicious year.