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Wang Liping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Guangbo Group, went to Beijing to attend the national "two sessions"

Datetime: 2021-04-19    Visit: 1645


       Wang Liping, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Guangbo Group, attended the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing today.At the meeting in Beijing, representative Wang Liping made suggestions on the protection of intellectual property rights, the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce and the healthy growth of minor children.

       Strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and stimulate the innovation of enterprises

       In recent years, China's intellectual property cases are increasing year by year, among which the manufacturing industry ranks first in the amount of cases.Intellectual property is connected with innovation and market at one end. At the critical moment, it even decides the life and death of the enterprise. The intellectual property achievements that have been painstakingly cultivated can not be effectively guaranteed, which not only hinders the road of enterprise innovation and development, but also seriously disrupts the business environment and market order.Wang Liping believes that strengthening intellectual property protection is conducive to creating a more fair, open and transparent business environment and market order, and promoting high-quality social and economic development.

       In the current process of production, operation and development of enterprises, due to the importance and particularity of intellectual property rights, infringement occurs from time to time, but safeguarding rights is generally difficult.At the same time, it also exposes the shortcomings of intellectual property protection in China. Therefore, we should build a more efficient and three-dimensional comprehensive management system of intellectual property.We should build a sound intellectual property service system, equip professionals and improve service capacity, build a sound legal system for intellectual property protection and plug the loopholes of "opportunities", in order to create a good legal environment for protecting and encouraging innovation.

       Further support the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce

       At present, global consumers are actively or passively transferring their consumption behavior to online, and cross-border e-commerce platform has become an important channel for consumers to purchase.Under the epidemic situation, many overseas factories are in the state of semi-stop production, and the demand of overseas consumers for "made in China" is rising. China's cross-border e-commerce industry is facing the best opportunity period.Representative Wang Liping believes that the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce has affected many aspects of China, including economic transformation, employment promotion, consumption promotion, etc. We should seize this rare opportunity period. It is of great significance to develop cross-border e-commerce.

       However, from the current situation in 2020, although cross-border e-commerce has developed against the trend under the epidemic situation, there are still many problems.It is mainly reflected in the imperfect laws and regulations of cross-border e-commerce and the weak brand competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce. In the long run, these are bound to be detrimental to the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce.Therefore, it is suggested that relevant policies should be issued as soon as possible to actively promote the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce. At the same time, it is urgent to formulate unified rules and standards to promote the orderly development of cross-border e-commerce. It is also necessary to give play to the leading role of the government in building a platform, share advantageous resources, and encourage and guide leading enterprises to play a leading and "group" role in small and medium-sized enterprises.