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Guangbo Group Holds the 2023 Annual Commendation Conference and the 2024 New Year Celebration

Datetime: 2024-02-28    Visit: 294

      On February 6th, Guangbo Group's 2023 Annual Commendation Conference and 2024 Spring Festival Gala were grandly held in the industrial park. The party committee and senior leadership team of the group company gathered with over a thousand employees in the park to share the grand event.

      At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the Group company, delivered a New Year's speech. Mr. Wang pointed out that although the past year has not been easy for us. We are still full of confidence in the new year, unwavering in our efforts, determined to complete business transformation and product innovation, persistent in further promoting production intelligence and automation, and confident in achieving established goals and challenges.

      The achievements made in the past year are inseparable from the close cooperation of each department and the hard work of each employee. A number of exemplary individual have emerged from each department who are dedicated to their jobs and constantly strive for self-improvement. Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Group company, read out the commendation document for exemplary individual in 2023. Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Group company, presented awards to them, encouraging them to continue their efforts, grow continuously, and achieve better results.

      Two workers from the joint-stock company and the holding company respectively spoke on behalf of advanced employees, stating that they will continue to strive, move forward courageously, and play the role of light and heat in their positions to help the company achieve the tasks and targets of the new year.

    Subsequently, a New Year celebration was held, with various performance programs not only reviewing the past year's struggle and sharing the joy of success, but also foreshadowing a bright future. The activities are rich and colorful, including various forms of programs such as song and dance performances, magic operas, etc., while also showcasing the talent of the company's employees and the spirit of the team. During the performance, interactive lucky draws were also arranged to stimulate the enthusiasm and participation of employees, and the atmosphere of the entire venue was pushed to the highest point.

     This grand New Year celebration can bring every employee an unforgettable memory, and also symbolize that Guangbo will achieve even more fruitful results in the new year!